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Some of us exist. Some of us don't. Together we are a collaboration of artists that focuses on cross-boundaries and multidisciplinary work. We each create our own artistic projects, in our own development path. But we found that creating side by side expands our learning, encourages cross disciplinary collaboration, allows us to see connections that are usually hidden, strengthens our playfulness and creativity and purely adds more fun to our everyday. We love to ask questions, explore new territories, look for a new perspective, share ideas even when they are crazy, reinvent ourselves, imagine a better future, and coffee.

Throughout the years we started working with other organizations and individuals, offering our different abilities and services in any needed mix. So far, our outsourcing work has revolved projects in film, graphic design, visual arts, branding, user-experience and story-telling, both in technological and social-cultural spaces. Nevertheless, we try not to limit ourselves to disciplinary definitions, we keep learning new tools and expand our abilities with endless curiosity.

We would love to hear from you and collaborate on incredible new out-of-this-world projects. So if you have a dream or a concrete need, just ask - and we will do our best to make it a reality. Or just feel free to say hi and contact one of us, or all of us.

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