Eyal Davidovitch

Born in 1984

is a director, editor and scriptwriter. He has worked on various prize-winning short films, and his debut documentary feature film (co-direction) “The Young Kadyas” is touring festivals and will appear in German cinema, spring 2022. He studied at Sam Spiegel Film School, Jerusalem and in the Marc Rich Multidisciplinary Honors Program for Humanities and Arts, Tel Aviv University. Currently creating and dreaming in Berlin.


 Die Jungen KADYAs docu | 102min 


  Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2019  

  Miami Jewish Festival 2020  

  In cinemas spring 2022  


 Ropes fiction 15min 

 direction | script | effects 

  Jerusalem International Film Festival 2011  

  Honorable mention @ Icon TLV 2011  


 Andere Farben Buntere Farben 

 Docu | 45min 

 direction | cinematography |   editing 


 A Tale of Two Brothers and A Horse 

 fiction | 15min 

 editing  [directed by Rotem Kapelinsky]   

  Tel Aviv Film Festival 2020  


 Last Calls  Fiction | 22min 

 editing  [directed by Ruthy Pri-Bar] 

  Jerusalem | Montreal | Biarritz | Créteil | 

  Beijing |Uppsala Film Festival and 15 more...  


 Reprise  fiction script | 100min 

 script writing 

YSW20 Live: Physically Distant, Emotionally Close short film | 5min 

direction / editing / cinematography / sound / design

Arestandtnlider performace trailer | 6min 

direction / editing / design

Waxband performace trailer | 4:40min 

direction / editing / design

Baym Kabaret Yitesh performace trailer | 5:30min 

direction / editing / design

Commercial Work

YSW Friends animation | 5min 

design / animation / script / direction

Zoom into Yiddish Summer Weimar 2021! 

teaser | 1min 

direction / editing / cinematography / sound / design

Bas Sheve performace trailer | 6min 

direction / editing / design

Shaydveg performace trailer | 5min 

direction / editing / design

The Weimar Republic of Yiddishland 

teaser| 1:30min 

design / animation / script / direction